Signage at Any Size

No Technical Experience Required

Choosing a digital signage solution can be time consuming and confusing. It can be even more confusing if you don’t have technical expertise to understand resolutions, display types and hardware players. Exclaim has removed all of the confusion and hassle of setting up a digital signage system.

Regardless of the display, resolution, orientation or device Exclaim automatically adjust the layout, text and graphics to display properly. Our proprietary technology requires no adjustment in playback settings or technical specifications.

Resolution independent means your signage can play on 4K, 2K, HD, UHD or any resolution allowing you to use your existing hardware. No need to have all of you displays match resolution, Exclaim adapts automatically to each display, keeping your digital signage looking good.

Passive Kiosks and Mobile Playback

Small-scale signage has never been easier. Exclaim Digital Signage can be use Mobile Devices like, phones, tablets and digital kiosks as playback screens. Easily create professional digital signage for playback on Tablets at tradeshows, events and lobby environments.

Powering passive kiosks with professional digital signage can be expensive and complicated. With Exclaim you can have professional digital signage on kiosks that you can easily manage, modify and push real-time messages to all from your mobile devices without complicated settings and technology.