Exclaim Quick Start

Up and running in 90 seconds

Create a playlist. Add some slides. Pair a screen. That's all there is to it.

How it works

Exclaim is built around playlists and screens. You can have an unlimited number of playlists, each containing an unlimited number of slides. When you add a screen, you can select a playlist that you want it to play. Use the same playlist for all of your screens, a different one for each, or any combination. Any changes you make to your playlist afterwards can quickly be deployed to any screens showing that playlist.


Playlists are your way of quickly organizing content. To create a playlist, click the 'New Playlist' button on your dashboard and give it a name.

Playlist Settings

At the top of your playlist screen, you'll see a few options for your playlist.

  • Screens Syncronized Any screens showing this playlist will syncronize so that they all step through the playlist at the same time and together. This makes it a snap to show the same content at the same time on multiple screens. Since the screens have to talk to one another to facilitate this, we recommend they be on the same network.
  • Screens Unsyncronized Screens showing this playlist may not be showing the same content at the same time. This allows many screens to be at different parts of your playlist at any given time.
  • Update Connected Screens Your screens will cache playlist content when they start up. This allows you to make changes to your playlist, reorder slides, and update content without worrying about someone seeing half-finished content. When you are happy with your playlist, you can click this button to trigger all of your connected screens to update their copy of your playlist.
  • Change Default Theme Here, you can set a default theme for your playlist. This will be selected by default for any new slides you create in this playlist, and will also be used for any real-time messaging.


You can create a new slide by clicking the 'New Slide' button.

Configure a Slide

Select your slide type and how long you'd like it to display. From there, you'll be able to pick a theme for your messaging slides, define background images (or upload new ones), and enter any text you want to display. If you just want to show an image, you'll also have optional effects available for the image.

Manage Existing Slides

Once you have a few slides created, you can quickly reorder them with the icon from the playlist view, or temporarily turn them off with the icon.


Selecting 'screens' on your dashboard will allow you to quickly add new screens, see the status of existing screens, and change the playlist shown on a screen.

Creating & Pairing a screen

Click the 'add screen' button and give it a name. An authentication code will be provided that you can enter at You can also click the button if you want to launch the screen on your current device (if you want to cast it, for example). Before doing so, you'll need to pick one of your playlists that you want to assign to this screen.